DG1SP2V_SCONTORNATOGravimetric dosing systems

The gravimetric dosing systems are constituted by equipments for dosing plastic materials realized by means of electronic balances applied to dosage units; the morphology of these systems, in general, can be different depending on the application and the type of gravimetric dosing (sum in weight [batch], or loss in weight).

Gravimetric dosage

The technologies used by Engin Plast, for reading the processed material from the gravimetric dosing unit, are of two types:

– loss in weight, where each material to be dosed is individually and continuously weighed (DG15, CWS2023, DG1SP models).
– Sum in weight, where the various materials to be dosed are weighed into a unique balance in a sequentially way (TRIO “T” and TRIO “M” models)

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