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Dear Readers,

We are delighted to invite you in our world and we would like to thank you for your attention in reading this communication.

The new website is intended for sharing news, products, ideas, projects and it will be the focus of future communication of our company.
In order to guarantee a better service, in our web site www.enginplast.com there is the possibility to have a look on our full range of products with relative uses. There is also a reserved area where the whole team of Engin Plast will support you during before and after sale.

Our history talks about more than 30 years of success and growth, speaks about an innovative production, certified quality, continue search.
We are the ideal partner in your most difficult challenges.

We are always ready to pursue a long way.

Why not do it together!?

We wish you a good work and our best regards!

Lanfranco Zanoncini