Engin Plast will be present at the international event FIP solution plastique 2014 in Hall 6.2, Stand F35.

The innovative range of products, from the dosing systems to the granulators, will be protagonist of the exhibition:

Gravimetric dosing system


Trio belongs to the new generation of products developed by Engin Plast. This equipment originated from the ambitious objective of integrating in an unique machine different and new gravimetric dosing technologies of materials in the form of granules, powders, grinded, providing to the user a technologically advanced product with an excellent quality-price ratio, adaptable to different productive realities and needs with advantages in the control and quality of the process especially in the extrusion sector.

News about the dosing systems that will be present at the Fip solution plastique 2014:

TRIO version “T”

  • Innovative rotational dosing system “ER80”, pneumatically driven, cycle speed of 30 milliseconds
  • High-capacity of the blender with hemispherical bottom, excellent homogenization of the mixture
  • New control system of the machinery “EST 1357”, with color touch screen interface, modular and expandable to external systems. It enables the insertion of new recipes or the modification of the exisisting ones without causing the stop of the production process
  • High precision, average percentage error of the system: 0.005 %
  • New features for the weight detection, with flow expansion
  • Duble weight balance
  • Implementation of the new diagnostic software “ER 11”


Gravimetric dosing system with loss-in weight reading technology for processing powders. Here some important features of the system:

  • Weighing of all the metering section which guarantees high precision and constancy in the course of time
  • Exclusive connection profile close to the dosing screw which minimizes cavitation or stagnation of the material
  • Quick-discharge damper for accelerating the cleaning, maintenance or production changes
  • Simple and intuitive user interface


Series of granulators with specific applications for each sector of plastic materials, such as extrusion, blow molding, injection, regenaration. They stand out for the low power consumption, reliability, low noise, compactness and especially for their robustness

TRIX T 69-30

Granulator for the in-line recovery of thermoformed sheet.

Here some features to highlight:

  • Greater throughput per hour with equal energy consumption obtained with the new 5-blade rotor
  • Long lasting and low maintenance of the blades thanks to the “V” shaped cut corner with accentuated design
  • Reduction of space and noise: no more cabin but “fit to machine” soundproofing. Each part of the machine is soundproofed
  • Ease of use and maintenance: greasing and cleaning operations become simple and fast.


Engin Plast staff will be happy to explain the distinctive features of its products: recycling plants for plastic materials and costumized solutions for dosing systems suitable for granules, powders, fibres and mineral fillers.

We look forward to see you in Lyon…