Product Description

MICRO is an equipment used for feeding process lines with pellets of plastic or natural materials. This gravimetric dosage system belongs to the plastic technologies developed by Engin Plast. These technologies enable to measure precisly the material to be dosed.


  • Precise and reliable measurement, independent from the variations of the features of the materials
  • Absence of periodical sampling operations
  • High precison at low load


MICRO is a gravimetric dosing system with loss weight system. Precise and reliable, is the dosage unit suitable for processing pellets (as master or additives), which impact on the costs of the final product. The dosage system, realized with a screw double step, enables high performances in all productive processes, where the polymeric quantity to be inserted requires high precision.

MICRO is  equipped with an analog load cell which measures in real-time the weight variations of the material. These variations are then processed by the PLC which guides the speed rotation of the screw and realizes the required set point.

The structure is functional to the purpose: MICRO is composed of a plexiglass feeding hopper connected to the aluminium dosing tube which also act as the body of the feeder. These components combined with the simplicity of the new user interface (intuitive and with color graphics), make of the feeder the ideal tool for dosages of precison.

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