Product Description


Blends removal on board machine, quick product changeover, homogeneous blend even with different types of material, elimination of ground in stock, in-line recovery of waste ground.


The forced feed system AF can be accompanied by dosers DPM 15 series (up to the maximum of 4) to achieve the required formulation in addition to the function of forced feeding satisfying, with a compact and efficient solution, the dosing requirements and regular feeding of the extruder in the presence of formulations with granule and high rates of light ground material.

ADVANTAGES by using Master doser.

DMIX/AF mixers can be accompanied by n°2 dosa-master (DPM and DG series) applied to the trunk connected to the extruder (such dosers can be of the volumetric or gravimetric type).

This solution allows to optimize the coloring phase, minimizing the steps of color change and eliminating the step of mixer cleaning, due to the change of master. Moreover, it reduces the risk of de-mixing in case of low percentages of dosage.



ADVANTAGE, use in combination with on-line granulator for recovery of waste ground material.

The forced feed system AF accompanied by dosers DPM series, in combination with the Trix granulators allows to organize the recovery line of the ground material waste by reducing the problems relating to storage and enabling the control of the amount of ground material reintroduced into the extrusion line.






Product details: 28A – AF – Eng