TRIO-T is an equipment used to process homogeneus blends of plastic and natural materials, such as pellets and grinded. This is made possible by the gravimetric dosage of each single component.


In the gravimetric dosing system TRIO-T the operation cycle starts from the gravimetric dosage of the materials with the reading of the weight in a sequential procedure, made by a balance supported by high-resolution load cells. The weighed materials are succesively blended in a mixer specifically studied for guarantee an homogeneus blend suitable for making the next process possible. A high-performance microprocessor controls the process.


TRIO-T is a versatile equipment which can be directly installed above the process machine in replacement of the feeding hopper, or on the ground to feed other machines.


INTUITIVE, the graphic interface of the control panel enables a quick and practical learning for the user
PRECISE, the dosage is constant, regardless of the particle size and of variations in the behavior of materials during the time
MODULAR, the latest generation electronics enables the alignmentit to each single process machine
ECONOMIC, thanks to the reduction in waste of raw material
COMPACT, the innovative design gives an harmonious aspect maintaining a limited size

Product Details : 23A – TRIO T – Eng

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