Engin Plast srl serves the market with competence and loyalty. The passion and determination with which we conduct our business helped us becoming leader industry.

 We are an enterprise determined to improve constantly and in every sector, getting every change due to the passing of time or to the market. We work with love and commitment and we believe in corporate culture as a value.

Corporate culture means for us commitment to the recovery of the values of the past, bringing them with wisdom into the future, always challenging ourselves with humility and courage. Sharing objectives, opinions and ideas grabbing the daily challenges among planning and unexpected obstacles.

The satisfaction of our clients is for us a source of pride and high enthusiasm for the development of new ideas with which facing their expectations.

Engin Plast is an enterprise made up of people with values, expectations, hopes, ideas and originality.

Explore Engin Plast:

visit the range of products in Products, where you will find solutions for dosing, transport and recovery of plastic materials;

otherwise you can watch the Videos which show the plants and the possible applications of our plastic technology.